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In the tooltip for today's xkcd, Randall Munroe mentions "hydatid fluid" as one of the bodily by-products that can be offered for a war effort besides "blood, toil, tears, and sweat".  But what is that stuff?  Wikipedia mentions it as an aside in an entry on hepatic tapeworm infection.  They say that if the cyst ruptures and the hydatid fluid mixes with the rest of your body, the result is likely to be anaphylactic shock.  So how is this useful for a war effort?

Here is an article on "the usefulness of hydatid cyst fluid".  Apparently it is of some use in creating a blood test to see whether people have liver-tapeworm infections without lots of expensive CT and MRI scans.

Mr. Munroe's comics are very educational!
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"Even if a network administrator does not wish to ban, say, role-playing games outright, there is value in saying that such uses of the network should not interfere with real work like reading XKCD."

--- link (talking about the Linksys WRT54GL wireless access point with custom Linux firmware).
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I once wrote a USENET post in which I described myself as "a cat wearing a dogsuit".  My fursona wears a fursuit, but I don't!
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Does today's xkcd comic make you feel stupid because you just can't get the joke?  Are you annoyed that the first page of Google results for "higgs excitation" are spam-sites trying to attack your computer for having the nerve to read xkcd?  Click here.  It's a pun!
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My favourite part is the blood spatter that just happens to be covering the spot in the comic's text where a serial comma isn't, and this becomes important four lines later.

When I went to Wikipedia to get that reference for "serial comma", I half-expected to see a trivia item about xkcd's mention of it today, because xkcd is more notable than are serial commas.  But no, and I didn't feel like adding it.
(What?  You wanted more "Mass. Trip of Doom" posts?)
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Sometimes a pair of balls is just a pair of balls.  Other times it's a reference to the old joke about the "wang of America".
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At least, I *think* they're bon mots:

But why curse Emacs for having absolutely every command imaginable?


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