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Actually, it is the word "God" repeated in a tessellation pattern.  It was drawn by Shakil Akram Khan, a Torontonian from Singapore who grow up in Montréal et parle françaisHere is one of his drawings of "Muhammad" (the word, not the historical figure).  For my monolingual readers, here is the word "God" in English.
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Here is a painting by ErAn Croitoru.  His surname is the Romanian word for "tailor" and is pronounced "ˌcrow-ee-ˈTOR-u".  The painting is not particularly furry, except perhaps in a Kryton desires a vacuum cleaner sense.
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(warning: salty language about website design)
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That's the title for this Reddit post.

In other news, on Monday I gave another lecture about stock-trading — or rather, about my inability to make any money at it.  I described the extreme efforts I had to go through to compile an archive of 20,000 hours of trading in one particular stock-ticker (IWM, an exchange-traded mutual fund that holds shares in the 2000 stocks that are just below the S&P 500).  One person asked if I was going to "liberate" this data.

Yes I can!  Unfortunately, intellectual-property licensing agreements prevent me from posting it here (I can give it out only to "a limited number of individuals", without charge, for noncommercial use, on an occasional and irregular basis).  I tried posting the data to the Google Group for the programmer's meetup, but my message has gotten stuck in the queue.  Please comment if you either want it or don't want it.
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Terry does great work in his little nook of the art world.  For another excellent example, see Springtime in Indiana.  If you like food (and who doesn't?), there are some nice examples of Cheez-Its and Oreos.  For some lower-brow material, try his poop joke or muffin suicide.  Since it's art, we can talk about masturbation.


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