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This blog is now hosted in Russia!  Как еврей, я уже знаком с предрассудками русских. Но, по крайней мере, они любят собак!

The new Terms of Service were presented as a modal dialogue with 2,900 words and a required click-through, which in sensible countries (not Russia) is considered legally non-binding because no reasonable person could be expected to have scrolled through that giant piece of text presented in a tiny dialogue box.  Also the new English terms assert that they are not legally binding because they are a mere translation of the new Russian service terms, which are the real ones.  I think the most objectionable new term is that LiveJournal may unilaterally change their terms at any time without notice and the new terms of service come into force immediately, even though no one knows about them yet (other countries have ruled that this is unconscionable and unenforceable).  So basically the English-speaking users of LiveJournal are being asked to GTFO.

This entry was automatically posted from DreamWidth, which reports that LJ people are switching to them in droves.  DreamWidth's computers are still located in the USA, which is another nasty country whose government thinks it has the right to demand access to customer data while also demanding exemptions for itself from its own laws requiring that customers be told when they've been hacked.  I could move my blog to my own server in Canada, but then nobody would read it.  As things are, *almost* nobody reads it.

The DW journal-posting page is less flaky than LJ's, but it doesn't offer a pop-up list of your tags, requiring you to type in their first few letters.  Many of my tags begin with Unicode characters that I cannot type!  But this doesn't really matter, as experiments I conducted years ago (back when LJ was cool) indicated that only one person ever clicked on any of my tags.
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