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Every day I surf the web and collect links, then send them out via private email.  Maybe I should post them here.  Most links come from Reddit via Imgur.  The most common type of link is a puppy-photo, because that goes over well with my email audience.
    Fedex was targeted by the DEA for two years, apparently for refusing to pay the bribes that UPS did.
    "Loch Ness woofer".
    We're out of dog treats? How could this happen???
    Time is an endless 3-hour loop!
    It gets better around 0:53.
    Father's Day breakfast, made out of the most dangerous objects in the house.
    Father's Day present from Potter fans.
    Presumably this requires lemon juice to keep it edible.
    A bird.

    A cat.
    A dog.

Date: 2016-06-26 02:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You might consider some image inlining. ^_^; Maybe just a simple table aligned to the center, or, maybe, as I tend to do with smaller previews, using [ profile] loganberrybunny's patented HTML code: just add style="float:left;padding:8px" to the img tag, using left/right or whatever margin you prefer. All very simple in this age of "let's give the browser 10MB of JavaScript to chow down on before even displaying the page, and start them off with a plea to subscribe to our newsletter", but it works. =:)

Love the Loch Ness woofer. ^_^ I do miss having a pup around, but things became soap opera complicated a few years ago, even without my constant moving around, including internationally. Even if I were in a position to stay put, I know I'd find having to part, someday, very difficult indeed.

I will admit to not having prepared anything like that Father's Day breakfast. ^_^; (But then, those days were never particularly special. I continue to strongly prefer offering the odd surprise =:)


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